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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rock The Boat!

New adventures are always fun! The unknown stirring excitement in the gut, letting the heart beat just a little quicker! For some this can be a scary experience, not everyone enjoys the unknown, the unfamiliar of what's to come.

Some of us prefer to know everything and not have too much change occur. We are very comfortable in our habitual ways of living. Don't come rock the boat too much!

But where is the fun in that? Same familiar routine time and time again? How does that rejuvenate ones mind, body or soul? How does that ignite a fire in your core? It doesn't!  Which means stale, stagnant and boring.

We need change in our lives! It helps our blood to flow better, our minds to open up! It is good for us! Embrace change! And if there is none present in your life, create some! Do something you wouldn't normally do, like take a dance class or learn to speak spanish. Start a journal, take a different route to work, donate something. Whatever! Just please DO rock the boat, at least a little!

Photo by Pedro Terrinha